CZizincii – Foreigners in CZ – The Documentary

Hi World!

My name is Emanuele Ruggiero, i am a filmaker freelance.   I am italian. I live in Brno. What a great city! I love it.

I have a big project for this city, the name is CzizincII. It is a brand new documentary about foreigners. And i am sharing this project with my friend and colleague Antonio Pedro Nobre, who also is a director freelance. He also lives in Brno! By the way he is portoguese, from Lisbon.

In 2010, we did a documentary film about foreigners living in the Czech Republic. As professional filmmakers and foreigners living in this country, we shared also our experiences. The final result was Czizinci. Now we offer Czech viewers a different perspective of their country and society through the eyes of a stranger who lives in it, with a specific visual approach, with more illustrative images filmed in a more cinematic style and also improving the narrative, with a unique creative point of view.  All the characters in this film are real people. We tried to cast about many different people from the most varied nationalities, ethnicities, professional and social backgrounds in order to make it the most colourful as possible. We want to promote multiculturalism in Czech Republic, a land that over the centuries experienced the sharing of traditons and the mixing of different kind of people. For that, the soundtrack of this film will also be exclusively composed by foreign musicians based either in Brno or in the country.

So, stay tuned!

Ciao e grazie mille!